Thursday, June 16, 2011

Facebook, worth 0ù or 100 billions?

CEO Mark Zuckenberg eventually decided to make his company go public in NYSE, he auto-estimated his company to a value of about...100 billions$ (only Apple or oils companies have enough cash in hands to buy out the company)

But facebook growth is slowing down: the company yet is loosing money, the publicity doesnt cover its cost and is not very efficient as it is saturated.Worst? The number of american account is stable or negative, not growing anymore ( 120millions) the only way facebook can grow is introduce itself to new countries.

Furthermore any 2.0 company that went public was a failure (Remember Myspace?)

An interesting complete check why facebook is not a good investment:

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Beloved burning planet

The pollution isnt considered as one of the main problems in emerging countries. The 1,3billion chineese will pollute more than the 300millions american next year. Yes but they are four times as many. After all, each chineese pollutes 4 times less than an american, twice less than an european, and they pollute to produce the products we like to buy: toys for christmas, cheap clothes, useless gadgets. So whose fault is the pollution afterall?

A debate on energy use on The Economist:

Okinawa no future

U.S. Pentagon, scared of China's new policy about its neighbor, would like to open a new airbase on Japan soil. How is that possible knowing they have to move the current base in Okinawa to Guam?
China isnt a threat right now, but Korea is, and China might become, U.S. has two strategies available:
-Withdraw, to US territory, respect China's will to demostrate its power in the Western Pacific, and let down its allies.
-Go big and show China who is still the number one in the area by building more bases for its marine ships, more airbase for its F-22, and more facilities for its troops.

A japaneese prime minister already resigned because he wouldnt destroy the Okinawa american base for "safety reasons". How many more are going to let the problem blow?

China's most glorious building of the last decade on the edge?

The Three Gorges, a dam bigger than any dam ever built before. Enough power to provide electricity to a city the size of Shanghai, by itself. An industrial sucess, an ecological disaster. We can already see that the surrounding lakes lack of water, the 1,2 million people exodus forced by the government, the fact that the dam might collapse sooner than expected (like Sanmexia a decade earlier).

Criticism of this project is now allowed, even from government officials. Of course they didnt sign the authorization, their predecessors 20 years ago did. No one will take responsability if anything happens...

Friday, June 10, 2011

Ciao Ragazzi

Berlusconi, in the end, wont be able to rule Italia anymore. Despite a few success, he will leave behind him a country in an economic ride towards catastrophy.
Giulio Tremonti, his finance minister, saved what he could of the Italian house but are there anything left to save?
Budget crisis, high unemployment, no competitive universities. Only Zimbabwe and Haiti had slower GDP growth than Italy in the 2000-2010 decade!
Italia's productivity rate per head is lower than Mongolia or Belarus.

How such a smart man (ranked first fortune of his country) did that to his nation?

Thursday, June 9, 2011

The web-browsers battle

Internet Explorer, the ancestor
Mozilla Firefox (ex Thunderbird), the open-source everlasting alternative browser. Most popular in the world, its also the only browser without a big company back-up. It is the safest, the most innovative, and the only open code browser.

Safari: Apple's browser, archaic but easy to use

Opera: a developper joint-adventure. Lots of features but too hard to use for consumer lambda

Google Chrome: The new challenger, takes a lot like Firefox, less safe but much faster, it is google's new top project (25% of new employees goes to chrome developping)
Use the extension system and the integration of other programs as well. Growing fast, less fast than firefox (who grew fast for 12 years) but yet the second biggest in future

From the i-Tech website Guizmodo

On it-jobs- The Google hiring path

Google's hardcore recruiting methods put it behind other giants as Facebook or Apple to recruit, freshly graduated students dont wanna go trough a 14 interview process anymore. But its new habit of manhunting in lower universities while keeping high standards might payoff soon!

Obama's tough years to come

From the Wall Street Journal, a right-wing speech on how wrong Obama is doing? (Objectively, i dont share this point of view but find it interesting)
The slow economing growth, raising jobless rate, the never ending deficit problem...
I personally believe the credit should be given to G.W. Bush for giving Obama a weaker economy than he received. Tough Obama has to face most of this problems before...The 2012 election race!

Hoy en Google!

Hoy y solamente hoy en ...
Vas en la pagina...
Sientate como Jimmy Hendrix!

(Ode to the joy played from (bad quality tough ) )

Friday, June 3, 2011

The Coca Cola Company Project!

Mi parte de la presentacion sobre los empresas globales:
The Coca-Cola Company, una empresa mas potente que un pais?
Una empresa que ha revolucionado el marketing mundial en los ultimas 125 anos!

Si alguien quiere manda me un mail a Es un powerpoint completo associado a un file word de 27 paginas sobre la historia del grupo The Coca-Cola Company, su situacion actual, y su historia de marketing, que puede apprender a muchas otras empresas!